Bell, Telus customers will face higher roaming rates

Canadian telecom companies have been criticized for their high roaming charges, which can make it expensive for Canadians to use their smartphones while traveling abroad. Many Canadians have been frustrated by the high cost of roaming, especially when compared to the relatively low cost of cell phone plans within Canada. And yet, some Canadians will pay even more to use their phones while travelling abroad beginning next week! canada roaming rates

Telus and Bell say they are raising roaming rates, effective March 8 and 9, respectively.

Telus says on its website that its customers will pay $14 daily to roam in the U.S., up from $12, while those visiting other destinations will be charged $16, which marks a $1 increase.

Bell users will face a daily $13 charge to roam in the U.S., up from $12, and $16 in other countries, up from $15.

Rogers charges $12 and $15 for daily U.S. and international roaming, respectively. The company has not announced a similar hike for this month.

The three largest telecom companies in Canada – Telus, Bell, and Rogers – all offer roaming services to their customers, and all three have faced criticism for their pricing practices. In particular, many Canadians have complained about the high cost of roaming in the United States, which is a popular destination for Canadian travelers.

Canada vs US roaming prices

Canadian roaming prices are generally higher than those in the US. For example, Telus and Bell customers will now pay $14 and $13, respectively, to roam in the US, while Rogers charges $12 per day. In comparison, some US carriers offer daily roaming rates as low as $5 per day.

In addition, some US carriers offer unlimited data and messaging while roaming in Canada, whereas Canadian carriers typically charge extra for these services. For example, T-Mobile offers unlimited texting and data at no extra cost for customers traveling to Canada and Mexico, while Verizon offers an optional TravelPass that allows customers to use their domestic plan while roaming in Canada for $5 per day.

These differences in roaming prices can be significant for Canadians traveling to the US, as they may end up paying more for the same services than US residents would pay while roaming in Canada. This can be especially frustrating for Canadians who live near the US border and travel to the US frequently, as they may feel like they are being unfairly charged extra for something that should be included in their cell phone plan.

However, as the recent announcement from Telus and Bell shows, not all Canadian telecom companies are willing to lower their roaming rates. The price hikes announced by Telus and Bell are relatively small, but they are likely to add up for Canadians who travel frequently and rely on their cell phones while abroad.

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