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Belgium operators and possible roaming costs after Brexit

Proximus "wait", Telenet and Orange do not change anything for now


If the UK leave the European Union without agreement, the EU regulations on free mobile phone roaming in Great Britain will immediately expire.

Orange and Telenet will in that case still maintain the current arrangement without roaming charges, at least in the short term. Proximus is still waiting for solution.

Roaming refers to calling, surfing or texting with your smartphone in another country. Within the European Union there are no longer any additional costs associated with this, but in the rest of the world that can cost a hefty penny. And so it is also possible that you will soon have to pay extra for roaming in Great Britain if the UK leave the EU.

How that works in practice depends on whether or not the UK approve a Brexit deal. There are two options. If Great Britain leaves with a brexit agreement, there is most likely a transition period in which the current rules will remain intact for some time.
If, however, Britain leaves the Union without a deal on March 29 – or later if there is a delay – the roaming rules will expire immediately. In that case the operators can again choose which rates they charge their customers if they call, text or surf the Channel.


Paying extra in the future or not?

Orange already offers the greatest certainty: the company confirms that its customers in Britain will be able to continue to “roam like home” in every scenario.


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Telenet, which also owns Base, says that “in the short term it is unlikely that anything will change for the customer”. Telenet has not yet taken a decision on the long term. But spokeswoman Isabelle Geeraerts says that in the Easter holidays, which falls just after the Brexit date, nothing will change.

Finally, Proximus does not want to “anticipate the facts”. The company says it will wait and will “closely monitor which turn the file is taking”.

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