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Beeline Uzbekistan upgrades roaming services with Infosystems Jet

Mobile operator Beeline Uzbekistan has completed the upgrade of its LTE roaming services, reports Cnews.ru.Beeline Uzbekistan together with the Russian company Infosystems Jet have implemented a project, according to the results of which the company will be able to significantly expand the list of roaming partners providing LTE-roaming service for subscribers from Uzbekistan.

Beeline Uzbekistan has introduced a special signaling message routing system DSR, due to which roaming subscribers can connect to LTE.

Before the system was introduced, DSR was used according to the SaaS cloud model,” the company noted. – It imposed certain restrictions, the most important of which – the inability to control the system and the lack of scaling. Now, Beeline experts directly manage the signaling traffic and evaluate its quality. ”

The DSR system is designed to process signaling traffic in mobile networks and allows you to manage and balance the load, providing a single connection point for all elements of the mobile network. It also simplifies the interaction of various providers of the mobile network core, facilitates troubleshooting of the signaling network and increases its level of security. The DSR system is a mandatory element of the mobile operator’s network in accordance with the specifications of the international standards institute ETSI.

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