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Beeline Kyrgyzstan

Beeline Kyrgyzstan Offers Payment Cards For Public Transport

Beeline Kyrgyzstan is offering a Tulpar payment card for payment on public transport services in Bishkek in its shops. Beeline Kyrgyzstan

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Now you can get a Tulpar card at Beeline service centers for free. The number of free cards is limited.

How to pay for travel with a Tulpar card: Beeline Kyrgyzstan

  1. fund your account through the application or terminals in Beeline offices.
  2. when paying for the fare, attach the card to the validator, which is installed near the driver.

To replenish the Tulpar card through you need:

  1. scan the QR code of the Tulpar card through a scanner in the application,
  2. enter the amount of replenishment,
  3. to pay.

Beeline sales and service offices where you can get a card for free:

Beta Stores 2, Besh-Sary shopping center, Dordoi district, Ortosaysky district, Manas Airport, Orda business center (Ibraimova St., 115).

A limited number of cards are free during the testing period. The cards can be topped up at terminals in BeeIine Kyrgyzstan shops, as well as using its service management app.

You can top up your Tulpar card through MBank Online! ⠀

How to do it? ⠀

  1. In the section “Pay” — select “Regular payments”.
  2. Then select “Other services” — from the list select the section “Tulpar electronic ticketing”.
  3. Enter the details and the required amount and confirm the payment!


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