Beeline connects the Far East with the largest Internet traffic exchange point in Japan

The Beeline Business unit of Russian operator Beeline has deployed a link connecting the major Japanese internet exchange with cities based in the Far East region of Russia. beeline internet

As a result, subscribers of the operator can access popular foreign web services at higher speeds.

Beeline provided data transmission in the eastern part of the country with its own communication channel with a capacity of 10 Gbit / s and organized along the Khabarovsk – Tokyo route.

It is noted that the agreements reached with partners and owners of Internet resources made it possible to connect directly to the organized channel the most demanded and time-sensitive Internet services.

The operator claims that the new routing scheme will provide faster Internet connection of Beeline subscribers (both individuals and business structures, and operator clients) with Asian resources and international Internet services (gaming and video streaming, trading and online platforms and etc.), which are presented on the traffic exchange site in Japan.

These are more than 200 content providers, including Akamai, Amazon, Valve, Huawei, Netflix and others.

 A new level of comfort will be available for fans of CS GO, DOTA 2, PUBG, GTA5, Battlefield 5, Call of Duty, Fortnite, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, etc. Corporate clients will be pleased with fast updates of business applications, antiviruses and accelerated loading web pages.

Sergey Bykov, Director for Interaction with Telecom Operators and Roaming, VimpelCom PJSC:
“Internet resources located in Japan are in stable demand among our clients. The volume of traffic is small by Beeline’s standards, but it is in demand among mobile subscribers, home Internet users, and business customers. By linking the Far East with Japan directly, we provide our customers with high-quality access to popular Internet resources, reducing the transit time for information packets to Japan by 12 times. Already, the channel load has reached 70% and continues to grow – we see that high-quality services are in stable demand ”.


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