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Average Denmark data usage nearly 12 GB

Denmark is known for being one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, and this is reflected in the high levels of data usage by its citizens. The Danish population is well-connected, with a high penetration of smartphones and other internet-enabled devices. This has led to an increase in the amount of data being consumed by individuals and businesses alike. The trend towards Danes telecommuting and spending more time at home because of Covid-19 restrictions are reflected in the Energy Authority report ‘Telestatistics – first half year 2020’, based on figures from telecom providers. More about Denmark data usage is below.

Outgoing mobile voice call minutes to Danish and foreign numbers rose to 8.8 billion minutes in H1 2020 from 7.6 billion minutes in H1 2019. On average, talk time was 204 minutes per mobile subscription in H1 2020, up from 176 minutes a year earlier.

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3 Denmark’s average monthly data use 12.4 GB

3 Denmark said the average mobile data use by its customers is 12.4 GB per month, compared with the 9.0 GB average for the country as a whole announced by the Energy Authority for the first half of 2019. CEO Morten Christiansen said 3 of Denmark’s customers are six months ahead of the average Dane in terms of mobile internet consumption.

3 Denmark starts offering 3insights Big Data service denmark data usage

Mobile operator 3 Denmark said its 3Business enterprise services division is launching a consultancy service called ‘3insights’. It said 3insights will enable corporate customers to take full advantage of information generated by the Internet of Things and mobile data from the operator’s network. 3insights is particularly suited for companies in the retail, transport, tourism and construction sectors.

When it comes to data usage, the biggest spenders in Denmark tend to be young people and students. This is due to their higher levels of engagement with digital media and their greater reliance on the Internet for communication and entertainment. The increasing popularity of streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify has also driven up data usage among this demographic.

In addition to individual data usage, businesses in Denmark are also major consumers of data. Many companies rely on the internet and cloud-based services to store and process their data, which has led to an increase in the demand for data storage and processing capabilities. This has created significant opportunities for companies that provide these services and has helped to fuel the growth of the tech industry in Denmark.

Overall, Denmark is a country that is highly dependent on data, and this is reflected in its high levels of data usage and its reputation as a leader in the tech industry. Whether it’s individuals or businesses, the demand for data is likely to continue to grow in the years to come, making it an important area of focus for the Danish government and businesses alike. denmark data usage


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