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Avast launches mobile security app for iPhone

Avast, the global leader in digital security products, announces the launch of Avast Mobile Security for iOS users. Available in both a free and a premium version, Avast Mobile Security delivers all the protection iPhone and iPad users need, including guarding their identity, browsing safely and privately, connecting to secure networks, and protecting personal data such as photos. avast iphone app

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Despite the perception that iPhone and iPad users are immune to security risks, this isn’t actually the case. Any device is at risk, no matter which operating system, from threats via the network, tracking issues, and privacy infringement,” said Gagan Singh, SVP & GM Mobile at Avast. “As we use our phones daily for both work and personal matters, it is more important than ever to make sure that they are secure and private, no matter the operating system. The new security app offers comprehensive features to cover all aspects of safety for a mobile user’s life.

In the free app, Avast Mobile Security provides users with: avast iphone app

  • Identity Guard: Notifies users if their login information, such as their password from their email account, has been stolen in a data breach. Free users can use Identity Guard for one account, and premium users can use it for an unlimited number of email accounts. This feature checks the industry’s biggest repository of stolen login details on the dark web, which covers more than nine million online accounts from thousands of breached websites, making it the largest of its kind with competing sites only covering a few hundred sources. As new data breaches happen, they are added to the repository.
  • Wi-Fi Security: A free feature that performs multiple checks to determine if a Wi-Fi network is safe and alerts users if any vulnerabilities are detected. It can detect issues such as whether the DNS has been hijacked to redirect the user’s internet traffic to fake, malicious sites. It can also detect if the Wi-Fi network is fully secure and if the Wi-Fi or router password is weak.
  • Photo Vault: Locks up to 40 photos in an encrypted vault in the free app, and an unlimited amount of photos in the premium version of the app. In the vault, access is restricted to the user via PIN code, FaceID, or TouchID. It also protects against the iOS 12 passcode bypass with an additional layer of security that protects photos even if a user’s device has been compromised.

In addition to all of the features available in the free app, the premium version of Avast Mobile Security also adds:

  • Secure Browsing: This Virtual Private Network (VPN) feature is available for the purpose of privacy, so no one can spy on or track what the iPhone user is doing online. The VPN will automatically connect to the best-performing server nearest the device’s location.

Avast Mobile Security for iOS is available for download in the iOS App Store and has a subscription price of USD $4.99/month or USD $19.99/year. It is available in the following languages: English, Portuguese (Brazil), French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, Dutch, Czech, and Japanese. avast iphone app


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