Austrian regulator records decrease in active roaming calls in EU countries in Q1

Austrian regulator RTR said telecoms users in the country made active calls lasting a total of 97.5 million minutes in other EU countries in Q1, which was 1.3 million minutes fewer than in the first quarter the prior year, according to its roaming monitor report. Austrian regulator 

The trend in roaming calls is partly the result of replacing traditional telephony by video telephony, according to Klaus M Steinmaurer, managing director of RTR for the Telecommunications and Post department.

“This downward trend in roaming calls also results from the fact that classic telephony is now often being replaced by video telephony,” says Dr. Klaus M. Steinmaurer, Managing Director of RTR for the Telecommunications and Post department, provides background information on the figures from the recently published RTR Roaming Monitor. “The COVID-related travel restrictions are only hinting at having influenced the roaming call volume in the 1st quarter; we will only see more significant effects here in the 2nd and 3rd quarters.”

There has been a steady, significant decline in roaming SMS over the quarters. In the 1st quarter only 6.5 million roaming SMS were sent. “The increasing use of messenger services is the killer of SMS,” says Steinmaurer and explains: “If you compare the 1st quarter of 2019 with the 1st quarter of 2020, the consumption of roaming data increased by 0.3 petabytes 2.3 petabytes total. Reasons for this increase are also the increased use of video telephony and messenger services. ” Austrian regulator 

In the 2nd quarter, people in Austria picked up the phone more often than in the 1st quarter: Austrians called a total of 7,576 million minutes on the Austrian landline and mobile networks, which is 6.5 percent or 470 million minutes more than in the 1st quarter, “says Dr. Klaus M. Steinmaurer, Managing Director of RTR for the Telecommunications and Post department, announced the figures from the recently published RTR Telekom Monitor.

7,018 million call minutes were spent on mobile communications in the second quarter, and 558 million minutes on landlines. The consumption of data volume in mobile and fixed networks rose from a total of 1,672 petabytes in the 1st quarter to 1,678 petabytes in the 2nd quarter.

The ability to phone, chat or dial into the Internet at any time and almost anywhere has certainly contributed to making social distancing a little more bearable for all of us. I expect that there will be a stabilization in the 3rd quarter and a larger increase in the volume of calls and the volume of data consumed again in the 4th quarter, ”says Steinmaurer.


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