Austrian mobile operators launch Pre5G at Christkindlmarkt in Vienna

T-Mobile Austria, Hutchison Drei Austria and A1, in cooperation with the City Council of Vienna, are launching a Pre5G test at the traditional Christmas market on Rathausplatz

Vienna Mayor Ludwig , the Municipal Department for Lighting and the Austrian mobile operators launched the first joint Pre5G test at Rathausplatz in Vienna.

This showcase in the midst of the impressive backdrop of the Vienna Christmas Market shows how the next mobile generation 5G could be part of the city of the future. The installed microcells are integrated into the T-Mobile mobile network and could be very similar in appearance to future 5G microcells. 5G hardware is not yet available on the market, the test used LTE cells. Hence the name “Pre5G”.

“5G is the future technology for connected cities , providing the capacity to meet the insatiable thirst for data of the digital society. This network requires a reliable, fast infrastructure, a highway that has enough space for everyone, people, equipment and animals. Through tests such as these, we gain experience in order to be able to start swiftly with 5G expansion “, says Andreas Bierwirth, CEO T-Mobile Austria.

T-Mobile has installed seven masts of equipment at the Town Hall Square, with two or three locations interconnected. In the picture on the right you can see the used microcells, at the top you can find the T-Mobile equipment, the remaining cells are in use at other mobile providers. T-Mobile has two different types of equipment in use on Rathausplatz. Once a slightly smaller version (as in the picture), which is connected to an existing base station. Furthermore, a slightly larger device that can also be operated stand-alone. Both types of devices have already installed the antennas, but can also be operated with external antennas.

Test area at Rathausplatz
The Rathausplatz is a test area where many people spend a lot of time just in the run up to Christmas. Mobile operators will have the opportunity to test the sharing of urban infrastructure while city officials will have the opportunity to learn about the future challenges of implementing the latest mobile technology.

A pilot test is to be conducted to find out how the supply of the highest level can be guaranteed in this extremely difficult radio environment and what requirements are placed on the infrastructure. The infrastructure is to be expanded gradually and as needed in order to fully exploit innovation potential. To achieve very high data rates, street lamps are equipped with pre5G technology and networked. The street lights can also be equipped with sensor technology and have enormous potential for future 5G applications.

T-Mobile started with the next mobile generation: Innsbruck is the first 5G city in Austria
T-Mobile was the first mobile operator to launch 5G in February 2018. The plants in Innsbruck were the first in Austria and among the first in Europe, which already worked to the greatest extent according to the new  5G standard. With this pre-version of the final 5G standard, the network in Innsbruck creates record transmission rates of two gigabits per second and a  latency  of only three milliseconds. Super short response time of the network and extremely high bandwidths are major advantages of 5G, which will be demonstrated in the Tyrolean capital for the first time.

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