Many Austria mobile users are considering changing operator because of price

According to the study, the cost ratio is the dominant criterion when choosing a tariff, high data volume more important than surfing speed

Austrian mobile users focus mostly on cost and the price-performance ratio when choosing or changing mobile operators, according to a survey by market research firm Marketagent conducted during the second quarter. Austria mobile users

41.9 percent of all respondents cite the cost factor as one of their most important decision criteria. The second largest role is played by the overall scope of the package, which was rated as relevant by 31.5 percent of the respondents. The network coverage is just behind (30 percent).

Data volume over speed austria mobile users

The data volume included is also of greater importance. 21.8 percent cite the transfer credit as a central criterion. It is therefore more important than the maximum transmission speed with which it can be used. The “Fast Internet” criterion ranks 5th (16.8 percent) in the top list.

Once a tariff has been found, most customers are then satisfied with it. 86 percent are positive about their last experiences. The ratio between price and performance (41.6 percent) is particularly emphasized here, followed by network coverage (28.2 percent) and the volume of data volume (20.2 percent).

While most are satisfied overall, 76 percent still see a need for certain improvements. 14.3 percent of those surveyed would like to be better rewarded for their loyalty (“Not enough benefits for existing customers”). 13 percent find the waiting times on the telephone hotline too long. 10.6 percent are of the opinion that they have not concluded a good deal (“overall price/performance ratio of the tariff”).

High willingness to change, especially with the “big ones”

Although the overall conclusion for the providers is quite positive, the willingness to change is comparatively high. On average, 29 percent of customers have already found out about alternatives to their current offer – especially those that are currently still with one of the major network operators. Austria mobile users

It is said to be 38 percent at A1, which has already lost numerous customers in the past few months. 29 and 28 percent are magenta and “3”. At Hot (16 percent) and Spusu (13 percent), comparatively few people are currently willing to change. The unsurprising motives of most jump candidates: the price and better offers from the competition. This result also suggests that the 5G network, which is only in its infancy, has not yet been a major customer magnet.

To collect the data, Marketagent conducted 9,373 interviews via the app in the second quarter. People aged 14 and over were asked who, according to their own information, have a say in the choice of their mobile tariff. According to the market researchers, the sample is representative of the Austrian population. austria mobile users


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