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Malaysia’s telecom market is one of the more advanced telecom networks in the developing world. More about Malaysia Telecoms find below.

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According to a study by in 2021, Malaysia ranked 132nd out of 228 countries in terms of mobile data pricing, with an average price of $3.01 USD per gigabyte (GB). In comparison, the United States ranked 182nd with an average price of $12.37 USD per GB.

In terms of fixed broadband pricing, Malaysia ranked 94th out of 206 countries with an average price of $29.68 USD per month for a 60 Mbps plan. This is more expensive than neighboring countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, but less expensive than Singapore and Japan.

It should be noted that telecom prices can vary depending on location, provider, plan, and other factors. These statistics provide a general overview and may not reflect the exact prices and availability in every part of the country.

Malaysia Telecom Regulatory Authority: MCMC

Malaysia telecoms



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The Malaysian telecommunications market is a thriving mobile market with four large network operators, an incumbent fixed-line provider with near-monopoly and the overall market underpinned by strong economic fundamentals, albeit some political uncertainties. malaysia telecoms

The publisher forecasts that mobile subscriptions will continue to grow in the 2019-2025 period and fixed broadband subscribers will also continue to grow and increase its household penetration over the same period. The ratio of the telecommunications sector revenue to GDP is declining from a peak in 2010, sliding down every year since then.

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Mobile subscribers numbers and revenue are growing strongly and the back of population growth and the market shift to postpaid.

The publisher expects the overall telecoms market to grow through to 2025 after a marked slow down in 2017 and 2018 due to legacy voice revenue pressure partially offset by mobile data growth.

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