🇨🇳 China Telecom market is a Fast Grower market in Eastern Asia with 3 operators and 1.3 billion mobile connections. More about China telecom companies below.

China telecom companies

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China Telecom


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Most traveller to China will be subject to roaming charges when they are in visit (there are operators which did exceptions but it must be checked, we are well aware how those mistakes can be costly).

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China’s telecommunications development has generally been driven by investments from government-allied entities. However, the Chinese government has chosen a minimal intervention approach in broadband development.

China possesses the largest broadband subscriber base in the world, with the majority of users accessing the Internet through mobile devices.

Although China boasts the largest mobile market in the world, there is still much room for growth given the relatively recent focus on large scale LTE investment. All three mobile network operators are focused on deploying LTE networks and monetizing such investments by enticing end users to upgrade to higher ARPU LTE products such as mobile broadband.

Mobile broadband has seen very strong growth in China over the past five years. Slower growth is predicted for the next five years to 2022 in a fast maturing market. China has emerged as one of the most aggressive countries promoting 5G.

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