Around 31.45% People Reinstall Previously Uninstalled Apps

GoodFirms new research features the insights about the mobile app download and usage that can help the businesses to plan the next development cycle

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Today, all are living in the fast-paced world, where speed is the key for everyone. This is the reason; people crave for the digitalized based things such as mobile apps for personal and professional use to level up the speed.


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You can find entrepreneurs and individuals are picking up the top Mobile App Development Companies to get the online presence and grow their business and earn good revenue.

Mobile apps are the first choice of every consumer, as they can be accessed easily at any time and from anywhere. The apps are not only designed to interact with the world or playing games. These days, mobile apps are also used for advertising and building a brand identity. Businesses are hiring out the best Mobile App Design Companies to build inventive apps that attract the customers and influence them to download the apps for obtaining faster and better services.

The latest survey on Mobile App Download and Usage by GoodFirms rolls down surprising facts. It revealed that there is an increasing rate of around 31.45% of people reinstalling the uninstalled apps from their Smartphone‘s. The major reasons found was they needed it back, accidentally uninstalled, issue of space, the app is back with better user experience, better updates, and with many discount offers.

GoodFirms was able to initiate this survey successfully with the help of 450+ global mobile users. The participants were asked several questions related to mobile apps usage such as what platform of mobile they use and what kind of apps they prefer to install and reasons. The contributors were also asked about the dominating mobile app categories, for how much time they use the apps on daily and monthly basis and what are the major reason to uninstall and reinstall the apps.

The participants are mainly males (68.55%). And the participant users belonged to ages – 18-24 (11.69%), 25-34 (56.85%), 35-44 (23.79%), 45-54 (6.85%), 55-64 (0.40%), and 65+ (0.40%).

The respondents are from the United States (29.84%), Canada (23.79%), the United Kingdom’s (15.32%), Australia (5.24%), India (4.44%), Germany (4.03%), Poland (1.61%), Bulgaria (1.61%), Ukraine (1.21%), Singapore (1.21%), and Others (11.70%).

Through this research, GoodFirms unlocked many facts and common user habits and experiences of using mobiles apps. Thus, using these insights, the businesses can strategize before developing the apps or enhance it to meet customer needs. is a globally recognized B2B research, ratings, and reviews platform. It believes in associating the service seekers with top companies that suit their business requirement. The analyst squad of GoodFirms performs a deep assessment, where every firm is evaluated with several qualitative and quantitative methods.

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