Armenia’s Ucom offers unlimited daily communication option in roaming

From June 15th until October 15th inclusive, within the framework the “Chat in Roaming ” offer all Ucom mobile voice service subscribers  can communicate unlimitedly with their close ones at 1500 drams a day, when traveling to a number of coastal and European countries, by simply dialing the *121*21# activation code. ucom unlimited roaming

With this offer, subscribers can benefit from the unlimited internet at the speed of up to 128 kbps and stay in touch unlimitedly via messengers such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and Messenger.

“If you are going to spend your vacation in Egypt, UAE, Greece, Georgia, Cyprus, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, France, or other popular coastal destinations, keep in mind that this summer you will have the opportunity of staying in constant contact with your close ones while roaming. Just make sure to activate the roaming service before your departure from Armenia”, said Ara Khachatryan, Director General at Ucom.

Those subscribers who prefer sharing photos, videos and impressions right in the course of their trip, can also activate “Internet in Roaming” high-speed internet bundles, in particular, a 2 GB one for 10 500 drams or a 3 GB bundle for 13 500 drams. To activate the preferred bundle, one needs to dial *121# and follow the instructions.

Unlimited internet*

1500 AMD
activation fee
1 day
validity period


*Within the framework of the Chat in Roaming option the upload and download speed is up to 128 kbps.

You can activate the Chat in Roaming option by paying both from your positive or negative balance. If you already benefit from Butterfly subscription, you can activate the Chat in Roaming option using the included monthly fee. You can activate just one option at a time and use it as long as your phone number is active.

To check the validity period of the Chat in Roaming option dial *133#. If the validity period of the option ends while using the internet, the connection won’t be interrupted and you’ll keep on benefiting from the internet services in accordance with roaming tariffs of the country.

The Chat in roaming option is available for subscribers of Ucom’s prepaid and postpaid services, as well as for Dolphin, Panther, Butterfly, Exclusive monthly subscriptions.


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