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WiFi4EU Plug-and-Play Service

Aptilo Launches a WiFi4EU Plug-and-Play Service for Municipalities

Aptilo Networks announces the launch of a plug-and-play service for municipalities taking part in the WiFi4EU initiative. Aptilo’s new service provides login portals for the WiFi4EU public Wi-Fi service and takes care of the consent and personal data management required by GDPR. WiFi4EU Plug-and-Play Service

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The European Commission’s WiFi4EU initiative promotes free Wi-Fi connectivity for citizens and visitors in public spaces everywhere in Europe. Municipalities can apply for a 15,000 EUR voucher for purchase of equipment and installation.

WiFi4EU requires the municipality to provide a login portal for the Wi-Fi service. The portal needs to integrate with the WiFi4EU back-end to display the official WiFi4EU banner and count the number of users.

Another requirement is that a user stays connected for 12 hours after login. To achieve this, the user’s unique device ID (MAC address) is used to reconnect the user. Many European countries consider the MAC address to be personal data. To comply with these local legislations and GDPR, the login portal must collect the user’s consent to save their MAC address.

The Aptilo Guest Wi-Fi Cloud service offers municipalities peace of mind by taking care of these requirements for a reasonable monthly fee. The cloud service works on top of the municipality’s Wi-Fi infrastructure. It provides login portals that anyone – even someone without web development skills – can design, maintain and assign to different locations. The plug-and-play plugin for WiFi4EU takes care of all the login requirements. Aptilo’s award-winning consent and personal data management solution makes sure that the municipality is compliant with GDPR. The optional marketing package allows municipalities to communicate with citizens through the login portal, SMS and email.



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