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Appy Pie Blue Tick Verification

Appy Pie Introduces Blue Tick Verification Feature

Appy Pie App Builder, the leading no-code app development platform, has now introduced blue tick verification, in a recent update to its social networking app builder platform. Apps built on the platform will have this feature that allows users to verify their accounts, adding an extra layer of authenticity and credibility. To obtain the blue tick, users will have to submit a request and provide identification documents to verify their identity. Appy Pie Blue Tick Verification

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Appy Pie’s Social Network App Builder is suitable for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to create their social networking app without any coding skills. With the latest update, it now incorporates vital features similar to Instagram and Facebook, which the company believes will make it more engaging for users.

Some of these newly-introduced features include: Appy Pie Blue Tick Verification

  • Profile Customization: Users can now customize their profile with cover photos, profile pictures, and bio information. This feature allows users to express their personalities and interests more effectively.

  • Feed and Timeline: Appy Pie has added a feed and timeline feature that allows users to see the latest posts from people they follow. Users can post pictures, videos, and text updates on their timelines.

  • Hashtags: Similar to Instagram and Twitter, the platform has added a hashtag feature that allows users to categorize their posts and make them easier to discover.

  • Direct Messaging: To better facilitate private communication between friends and followers, Appy Pie has introduced the Direct Messaging feature, which allows users to send direct and private messages.

  • Stories along with close friends: The new stories feature lets users post short-lived content that disappears after 24 hours. This feature promotes casual and spontaneous sharing and allows users to share candid moments with their followers.

  • Highlight feature: Users can now showcase a specific post or story at the top of their profile.

  • Public and private account: Users can choose to have a public or private account, giving them increased control over who can view and follow their posts.

  • Push notifications: Users will receive push notifications for new activities or events on the platform.

  • Archive posts: Users can now archive posts, removing them from their public profile while retaining them for personal reference.

“At Appy Pie, we understand that social networking is more than just connecting with people; it’s about building relationships, sharing experiences, and creating a sense of belonging. That’s why we are committed to creating a platform that is not only functional but also enjoyable and rewarding to use,” said Abhinav Girdhar, Founder and CEO of Appy Pie. “With these new features, we hope to provide our users with a more personalized and seamless social networking experience.” Appy Pie Blue Tick Verification

Appy Pie’s re-engineered social media app builder platform offers businesses an affordable and efficient way to create and launch branded social media apps. With this, businesses of all sizes can now harness the full potential of their social media network to promote their products and services and improve customer engagement.

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