Apple Pay Will Soon Launch in 13 More Countries through Monese

Support for Apple Pay is set to expand to a large number of European markets in the near future, as bank Monese advises customers will soon be able to use Apple's mobile payments platform in 13 new countries

Apple Pay first launched in the United States in October 2014 and has since expanded to dozens of countries and territories. The service can be used anywhere contactless payments are accepted with a compatible iPhone or Apple Watch, and it is also accepted by select apps and websites. Apple Pay has been gradually expanding across Europe and the Middle East, launching in Poland, Norway, Kazakhstan, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Austria, and Iceland over the last year.

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tweet posted by financial institution Monese on Wednesday claims “We will soon bring Apple Pay – an easy, secure and private way to pay, – to customers,” before issuing a list of 13 territories. The list of countries consists of markets where Apple Pay is not currently offered by banks and other organizations, with the tweet strongly suggesting support will be arriving “soon,” but not exactly when.


The list of countries includes Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

Apple has so far yet to officially confirm it would be expanding Apple Pay into any of the identified countries soon, nor are they listed under Apple’s ongoing list of “Countries and regions that support Apple Pay.”


How do I add Monese card to Apple Pay?

On iPhone, open the Wallet app and tap the ‘+’ sign. On Apple Watch, open the Watch app on your iPhone and select ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’, then ‘Add Credit or Debit Card’. On iPad, go to Settings, open ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ and then select ‘Add Credit or Debit Card’.On MacBook Pro (with Touch ID), go to System Preferences, select ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ then select ‘Add Card’.

Which devices does Apple Pay work with?

* iPhone: Apple Pay is supported on iPhone 6 or later – in stores, in apps and websites in Safari
* Apple Watch: Requires iPhone 6 or later – in stores and apps
* iPad: iPad Pro, iPad (5th gen), iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3 and later in apps and websites in Safari

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