Ankara adds NFC transit ticketing on buses, subways and local trains

Public transportation users in the Turkish capital of Ankara can now upload an AnkaraKart transit pass to their NFC mobile phone and use it to make payments on bus, subway and light rail services.


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To use the service, passengers download the new Mobil Cep application, developed by public transportation operator Ego, onto their NFC phone and use their bank card to transfer funds into their account.

Our passengers need to open the NFC feature on their mobile phones, download the application from their website to and load the balance from their bank card to the virtual card in the next stage. the amount of one boarding ticket on the virtual card 4 TL fee will be deducted from mobile cards. “EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş said.

They are then charged a flat fee of four Turkish lira (US$0.70) for each journey they make.


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