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Android Auto to get a new design and more ways to connect with your car

Since Google launched Android Auto, more than 150 million cars of virtually every brand have been supported by the service, the tech giant said. In her view, work on the car-oriented operating system has been focused on offering simpler and safer experiences. And that’s why, during the summer, new features will come to Android Auto to improve the experience of drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. android auto

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Google says that since it launched Android Auto, it has found that drivers prioritize three main features: navigation, multimedia access and communication . Thus, the application will receive a new navigation interface, but also easier controls to access content and other features placed at your fingertips.

To prevent users from going back and forth through the menus, a “split-screen” mode will be introduced, which will become standard on any screen type and sizes , and will allow you to have the most used features in the same place. Navigation and media sources will always be visible, this to avoid missing the next exit on the road while changing content on Spotify. The new design is said to be able to adapt to different screen sizes, whether they are arranged vertically or horizontally .

On the other hand, the system will have the help of Google Assistant that will provide contextual suggestions so that you can be more productive while driving. The system will suggest replies to messages or even send estimates of the travel time to the recipient with whom you are going to meet. And you can even recommend new songs to listen to on your trip.

With a single touch on the device, you will be able to quickly create a message or make calls to contacts that are in your favorites, as well as reply to messages with the suggestions listed on the screen. And this without the driver being distracted or taking his eyes off the road.

Entertainment will also be a Google bet for cars when they are parked. YouTube will be available on the system, but more video streaming applications will also be added, such as Tubi and Epix Now. Thus, it will be possible to watch video content directly from the car’s screen. On the other hand, in the future, it also hopes to introduce the possibility of browsing the internet through the screen or projecting the respective contents of the smartphone.

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