And the most expensed business-travel vendor is …. Uber

The Certify SpendSmart report for the third quarter of 2018 found that 11% of all submitted expenses were for Uber, followed by Starbucks and Amazon, each with about 4 %

Uber accounted for 73 per cent of all rides taken by business travellers, according to Certify. Uber Eats added to the company’s dominance of traveller expenses, with a 300% increase in the number of reports since the third quarter of 2017.


This was the first time that Amazon has appeared among the top three most expensed items, according to Certify; the company sells a broad range of products of use to business travellers, including office supplies, cloud computing services, entertainment, and food delivery.

Restaurant summary includes all meal expenses for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Data indicates which vendor is most frequently expensed, the average amount per transaction and average satisfaction ratings (Almost all fast food chains: Starbucks, McDonald’s , Panera bread etc. Breakfast is meal where people spend the most: breakfast at Sturbucks 117%, lunch at McDonald’s 3%.

The airline summary includes all expenses for booked airfare. Data identifies which vendor is most frequently expensed, the average expense amount, and the average satisfaction rating. Delta is the most expense airline for US business travellers.

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