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Amtrak Orders More Airo Trainsets to Meet Rising Demand

Amidst rising demands for passenger rail travel, Amtrak has procured 10 more Airo trainsets, amplifying the total contract order to an impressive 83 trainsets. Set for their grand entrance in 2026, these state-of-the-art trains are expected to serve routes across the nation. amtrak Airo

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Expressing enthusiasm over this acquisition, Amtrak President Roger Harris commented, “Our intent is to meet the escalating demand for train travel with top-notch, American-crafted equipment that epitomizes comfort, service, and modern amenities.” He further emphasized Amtrak’s dedication to enhancing connectivity, fostering job creation, backing the American economy, and contributing to an eco-friendly mode of transportation.

The forthcoming trains, which are under production, promise a plethora of salient features: amtrak Airo

  • Currently in production, the new trains will elevate the customer journey. Features include:
    •  Spacious, Comfortable Seats: Loaded with features and improvements:
      • Dedicated power, USB-C ports, seatback tablet and phone holders, bigger and sturdier tray tables and adjustable cup holders.
      • Contoured seat cushions, enhanced legroom, individual armrests and adjustable headrests – all with a focus on ergonomics.
    •  Trip and Train Navigation: Bolder, color-coded signage to identify amenities and differentiate classes of service, both on board and on the platform.
    • Greener Impact:
      • More fuel efficient, producing 90% less particulate emissions in diesel operations.
      • Dedicated water stations on each trainset, providing chilled and filtered hydration, while reducing the need for disposable plastic bottles.
    •  Modern Tech: New 5G Wi-Fi and digital information systems.
    • Enhanced Accessibility:
      • Spacious and accessible restrooms, vestibules and Café cars with integrated boarding equipment for customers with reduced mobility.
      • Inductive hearing technology to assist with onboard announcements.
    •  Café Car: Contemporary food service allows for a grab-and-go experience.
    • Restrooms: Touchless with spacious, accessible interiors.
    •  Business Class: Increased space between customers, offering double and single seats, wider arm rests, additional outlets, footrests and improved ambiance.
    •  Lighting: Enhanced lighting provides a softer yet functional interior with individual reading lights at each seat.
    •  Luggage: Access to ample storage space for baggage.

Travelers can look forward to experiencing the new Amtrak Airo on various services, including Northeast Regional, Empire Service, and Pennsylvanian, among others.

Siemens in California is tasked with manufacturing the Airo trainsets, financed in part by Amtrak’s share from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). This procurement is a fraction of Amtrak’s overarching blueprint to redefine rail travel, encompassing new Acela trains, expansive infrastructure developments, station facelifts, and track capacity enhancements. amtrak Airo

The existing contract also opens up avenues for Amtrak to consider additional trainset purchases in forthcoming times.

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