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Amdocs Leads Global eSIM Orchestration Landscape

AMDOCS has emerged as the leader in the global eSIM orchestration landscape in 2022, according to the latest edition of Counterpoint Research’s eSIM CORE (Competitive, Ranking and Evaluation) report.

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Key companies in the eSIM value chain are analyzed and evaluated using the proprietary CORE framework, which ranks active players according to their capabilities and success in the ecosystem. The evaluation spans a broad range of criteria, such as BSS/OSS integration, security, interoperability, self-serve, and success in the ecosystem. From this edition, in addition to the eSIM Enablement, the eSIM Management Scorecard from the 2021 edition has been divided into two parts – eSIM Provisioning and eSIM Orchestration – with each diving deep into the two essential parts of the value chain.

Global eSIM ecosystem

Commenting on the global eSIM orchestration landscape and the overall ecosystem, Senior Research Analyst Ankit Malhotra highlighted, “2022 was a landmark year for the global eSIM ecosystem. More than 260 MNOs/MVNOs now support eSIM and the average device support by carriers is also more than 30. The operators are also taking eSIM more seriously and enthusiastically than before. It is no longer just a tick on the checklist but also an essential component of the digital revolution. Therefore, it is important to ensure fast, reliable, and consumer-friendly eSIM orchestration and implementation practices to maximize the vast potential of the eSIM.”

Counterpoint CORE Scorecard - eSIM Orchestration Landscape, 2022Source: eSIM CORE (Competitive, Ranking and Evaluation) Scorecard and Analysis, March 2023


Commenting on the research findings, Research Vice President Neil Shah said, “Amdocs has emerged as the leader in the eSIM provisioning landscape. It is the most well-rounded player when it comes to the completeness of products and solutions. Amdocs has built partnerships across the eSIM value chain, which helps the company translate its advantages in products and solutions into success in the ecosystem.”

Shah added, “Moflix, Lotusflare and IDEMIA follow Amdocs with their differentiated products. They scored excellently across various parameters such as lifecycle management, interoperability, analytics and self-serve capabilities. Fourth-placed IDEMIA’s smart connect manager is a feature-rich solution that has helped it score excellently on various parameters. Truphone, another eSIM-first player, has well-rounded solutions and offers its customers unique self-serve capabilities, augmented by its global connectivity capabilities.”

Innovative eSIM orchestration

10T Tech, one of the dark horses, has a great repertoire of customizable services focusing on time to market and innovation. Thales, a leader in eSIM provisioning, has also been developing eSIM orchestration capabilities with partnerships within the ecosystem. eSIM enablement leader G+D also ranks high in eSIM orchestration through constant innovation in its product portfolio. It is also one of the potent dark horses. Workz, Redtea Mobile and Oasis Smart SIM follow with end-to-end offerings from enablement to orchestration gaining significant momentum in the eSIM ecosystem.

NOKIA, Ericsson, HPE, Valid, Achelos and Kigen are considered specialists. These players have been quite focused in enabling service providers with strong eSIM provisioning platforms, extending further some of the core orchestration capabilities. Invigo, Teal, Eastcompeace, Nordic eSIM, 1oT and Sicap are regional specialists which are offering on-demand eSIM orchestration solutions to customers in their targeted geographies. These specialists will have to develop a wider gamut of eSIM orchestration capabilities if they want to capture more value in the ever-digitally transforming service provider landscape.

Final thoughts

As the eSIM ecosystem continues to expand and mature, the key players will need to keep innovating and developing their capabilities to capture more value in the ever-digitally transforming service provider landscape. However, Amdocs’ position as the leader in the eSIM orchestration landscape highlights its completeness of products and solutions, partnerships, and well-rounded solutions, making it an ideal partner for service providers looking to leverage the vast potential of eSIM.



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