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Amadeus and Yanolja Cloud set to create Travel Innovation Alliance to shape the future of travel

Yanolja, the only ‘unicorn’ among travel-related companies in South Korea, is a ‘super app’, providing services related to travel, including accommodation, leisure, transportation, and restaurants. Its subsidiary Yanolja Cloud is one of the top cloud-based hospitality solution providers, offering solutions to approximately 43,000 clients in 170+ markets in more than 60 languages. Meanwhile, Amadeus is a global travel technology company that provides critical solutions for airlines, airports, hotels, railways, search engines, travel agencies, tour operators, transfer companies, and more to improve the travel experience.

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Together, the two organizations are forming an innovative alliance to unlock key new strategic areas of interest that will help improve the travel experience for customers all over the world.

By combining their resources, strategic objectives, and roadmaps for the future, Amadeus, Yanolja Cloud, and its affiliates will be able to shine a light on areas that were harder for either company to illuminate alone. They will achieve this by working together through deep-dive workshops to identify key target areas to invest in, and the next big problems to solve in travel.

Travel Innovation Alliance

“The travel industry can only evolve and innovate at the speed of collaboration. In today’s connected and globalized world, no company can risk working alone. That’s why we’re happy to be partnering with Amadeus. Working together, we will be able to achieve great things and accelerate the much-needed transformation of this industry,” says Jongyoon Kim CEO of Yanolja and Yanolja Cloud.

“This Travel Innovation Alliance is a key step in our commitment to giving back to the travel industry and travelers. We’re confident that with Yanolja Cloud, its affiliates, and our unique global vantage point, we will be able to find new and interesting ways to approach the future of travel technology,” says Fred Barou, Senior Vice President, Online Travel and Market Strategy, Asia Pacific, Amadeus.

As part of the partnership, many aspects of travel will be explored to find areas of synergy such as accommodation, airline merchandising and distribution, destination tours, and tickets to activities like concerts, sports, and exhibits. This offers the possibility for Yanolja and its affiliates to gain access to Amadeus’ global network of travel sellers via the Amadeus Travel Platform. Other Amadeus content and solutions will also be reviewed for integration into existing Yanolja Cloud and affiliate platforms.

In addition, Yanolja Cloud and its affiliates will deep dive into Amadeus’ search solutions such as MasterPricer and Instant Search, as well as technology around automation and merchandizing to enhance Yanolja platforms. Together, these solutions will help travelers using the Yanolja platforms find and book personalized travel experiences easier and faster than ever before, while travel sellers will be able to reach their target customers more efficiently.


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