AlwaysOn partners with iPass for USD 20 mln monthly Wi-Fi service

Consumer Wi-Fi provider AlwaysOn has signed an international roaming agreement with iPass for a USD 20 per month service offering uncapped and unlimited Wi-Fi at over 100 million hotspots in more than 160 countries with over 140 network providers. For travellers, iPass is deployed in over 24 airlines for use above 10,000 feet.

iPass has been a pioneer in wireless technology for 20 years. The company’s SmartConnect technology enables wireless users to automatically transition between Wi-Fi and cellular so they can stay connected to work – and life – on the go. This technology also lets businesses gather rich insights based on customer location.


By incorporating both Wi-Fi and GPS signals, iPass delivers the industry’s most accurate location data, so that businesses can better understand their customers and create more value.

On November 12, 2018, iPass and Pareteum, a cloud software platform company, entered into a definitive agreement for Pareteum to acquire iPass.

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