Almost 60% of Irish broadband users are not satisfied with service

New research shows that broadband dissatisfaction is not limited to rural areas in Ireland

A new survey claims that most Irish broadband users are “not satisfied” with their broadband.

The Coyne Research poll of 1,000 people, commissioned by Imagine Communications, claims that over 60pc of rural dwellers believe faster broadband “would significantly enhance their quality of life” and that 42pc “feel their community has been let down by the quality of broadband they receive, rising to 64pc dissatisfaction in rural villages”.

The research comes as the government continues to say that a “conclusion” to the current National Broadband Plan assessment with Granahan McCourt is “a number of weeks away”.

Some 540,000 rural homes and businesses, affecting over one million people, are currently stuck without high speed broadband.

Commenting on the findings, CEO of Imagine Communications, Sean Bolger, said: “While the current discussion and media attention is focused on the State subsidising the roll-out of high-speed broadband to the 540,000 homes and businesses in rural and more remote areas, the assumption is that the National Broadband Plan’s objective of ensuring high-speed broadband to everyone will be achieved by commercial investment in the rest of the country.

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