Allo Incognito introduced three new business tariff plans


Russian MVNO Allo Incognito, working on the networks of Megafon and Beeline, has modified its tariff line for businesses with local telephony numbers. Subscribers connected to the tariffs are able to choose either the Megafon or Beeline networks.

The line contains three tariffs.

Easy business Active business Unlimited
type of number Moscow number 495/499 Moscow number 495/499 “Golden” number 495/499
Virtual PBX “Maximum” “Maximum” “Maximum”
Package minutes per month 800 min Unlimited
Mobile Internet package, per month 15 GB Unlimited
SMS / MMS package per month 600 SMS / MMS Unlimited
Subscription fee, per month 990 rub. 1590 rub. 2990 rub.


The lowest Easy Business tariff contains a Moscow local telephony number and PBX service for RUB 990 monthly subscription.

The Active Business tariff contains a Moscow local telephony number, PBX service, 800 minutes of calls, 15 GB mobile data and 600 SMS for RUB 1,590 per month.

The Unlimited tariff contains a Moscow local telephony number, PBX service and unlimited calls, mobile data and SMS for RUB 2,990 monthly.

Also, the updated tariff “Mobile Line” is launched, with which you can significantly expand the capabilities of the main tariff plan. Thanks to the tariff, you can connect an additional mobile line for calls in Moscow and in roaming in Russia for yourself and your employees, significantly saving on cost and subscription fee. 

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