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Real time data usage monitoring

Preventing significant data overage and unexpected roaming costs before they occur


Opposite of Telecom Expense Management service and auditing invoices and services that already happen, we can offer you and real time data usage monitoring.

Your employees are on the go — whether here or abroad — and need data to do their jobs. Their mobile devices and apps use up more and more of it each year. And you’re caught in the middle, trying to avoid costly data overages and prevent those surprise roaming charges. Our real time data alert’s provides a centralized, real-time view of your company’s telecom usage and the comprehensive tools to regulate it, saving you time and money.

What you will get?

Real-Time Monitoring – a real-time picture of employee data consumption and roaming data usage so you can identify when there are data usage issues.

Overage Alerts – Management console tools allow you to send custom alerts to users when established usage thresholds are approaching or have been reached, and restrict or disable data usage and roaming on individual lines.

Monthly Overviews– Employees get to see their own data usage volume and take charge of their usage by setting personal notifications. The portion of overall usage is displayed based on established user thresholds.

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