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Communication and connectivity are essential to today’s businesses

Get services tailored to your needs!


Telecom Expense Management provides a 7.7 percent average savings for enterprises, which adds up quickly when the company considers how much of the budget goes toward telecommunications expenses. In some cases saving were even up to 40% in a first year.


The study reveal that 18% of travelers at an airport examined had at least three supports mobility (smartphone, tablet and laptop), and that this figure will continue to increase in the near future. In the future, travelers will not only be better equipped, but also will need to be better connected with the provision of many services.

You can buy the phone you want, wherever you want. As for the apps, you can download WhatsApp by going to, getting a link to the App Store, or by going directly there on your phone. But with bad chosen data plan or even without him, you will not have much use of them. Just can get a huge bill!

Alert specializes in ensuring significant savings on international roaming costs and can tailor specific solutions for our corporate partners. We can offer you services tailored to your needs.


A simple review of your monthly international mobile roaming call costs may highlight that there are significant savings to be made. Contact us for best offer made just for you.
Our offers:



  • Individual solution for your company for any country in the world, savings up to 70%
For more informations about your respective company please contact us  or schedule a quick 15-minute chat.


  • Mobile hotspot device with 10 GB for all EU on 4G which can serve 10 users/devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets etc).



Mobile Hotspot can be rented on 7 days min.
(equipped with local SIM card) or bought as permanent solution
(also equipped with local SIM card which you can change on your
next travel).