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Communication, connectivity and travel are essential to today’s businesses as air and water are essential to life.

Get services tailored to your needs when you need it!

Telecom Expenses

A simple review of your monthly telecom costs may highlight that there are significant savings to be made.

Find out: No usage (3+ months), device specific costs, department/cost centre spending, roaming, data, Top 10 users…

Roaming Expenses

Alert specializes in ensuring significant savings on international roaming costs and can tailor specific solutions for our corporate partners. We can offer you services tailored to your needs.

For roaming expenses we can help you to save up to 70%.

Corporate Travel Expenses

Providing worldwide travel requirements for companies of all sizes: air fares, hotel accommodation..

We can help you save money and time, empower your employees, ensure visibility and save time managing business travel.

Roaming Services


4G networks; Valid for 30 days; have a possibility for TopUp; Get it at your home or hotel.

Get EU SIM card


Global Roaming Connectivity for 200+ destinations


Get your global SIM card


Up to 10 devices can connect at the same time  – Choose a particular region or global solution.

Get mobile hotspot

Be informed - get your Alerts!

Monthly alert!

For a monthly price of only €9.99 you will get all relevant news, update’s or events for the telecom operators in the country of your choice and important for your business.

Service is agreed for a one month (starting with the first day of next month); subscription will auto-renew each month until you cancel it at least 10 days before.

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Yearly Alert!

For a annual Subscriptions you get two months for FREE.

Get your annual Alertify subscription for a €99.9.


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Telecom Expense Services

By applying the discipline of Total Telecom Expense Management, companies can reduce their telecom costs by up to 40%.

Telecom contract negotiations time is your BEST opportunity to save money.

The Request for Proposal process can typically reduce rates by 15% to 20% over the enterprise’s current contracts.

It is critical that companies have an accurate inventory of all their telecom assets and associated costs.

Would you like to save up to 70% of roaming data costs when you travel abroad?

Service frequency can be: monthly, quarterly or one time.

10 percent or more of a company’s budget is related to employee travel expenses. Proper management of these expenses can give businesses a huge advantage. Get your Alert!

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