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AIS and Bangkok Life: Targeting First Jobbers

The COVID-19 pandemic has generated great uncertainty in people’s lifestyles. Financial planning, saving or even life insurance or health insurance have become increasingly important priorities. However, some consumers, such as the First Jobber group, still have inadequate income or too many financial obligations hindering their search for good insurance, which can reduce the risks in their life. ais insurance

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For these reasons, AIS and Bangkok Life have jointly rolled out a life insurance product to address this pain point of First Jobbers. Easy Saving 118 Insurance enables easy saving with affordable premiums starting at only 200 baht per month, while preserving life, paying for hospital treatment in the event of an accident, and granting tax benefits.

Supreecha Limpikanjanakowit, General Manager Digital Service at AIS, explained, “AIS offers the digital products of AIS Insurance Service as an insurance broker. We select the best insurance products from our partners for our customers. This has given us insight into different customer groups. On this occasion, we are working with Bangkok Life to produce a savings insurance product to meet the needs of low-income customers, such as First Jobbers. They need to plan financially to reduce risk, and now they can access a life insurance product that meets their every need. We remain committed to working with our partners to deliver our customers the most cost-effective experience. This collaboration with Bangkok Life highlights our determination to achieve the joint goal of giving the Thai people easy access to life insurance products through digital channels.”

Chone Sophonpanich, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bangkok Life Assurance PCL further explained that Easy Saving 118 is a form of Savings Insurance with a focus on simplicity, with the capability of building savings to a desired target with premiums starting at only 200 baht per month. For this they receive life coverage, hospital treatment in the event of accident and various tax benefits. Customers can easily process every stage of purchasing the product by themselves.

Additional details of the coverage include:

  • If policyholders are still alive when the policy matures, they will receive a lump sum representing 118% of the premiums they have paid
  • In the general case of the policyholder’s demise, the policy will yield 118% of the premiums paid, plus 100% of the insured amount.
  • Additional extra coverage: In the case of decease, or loss of limb or eyesight from an accident, an additional 100% of the insured amount will be received including the actual treatment cost of hospital treatment due to the accident, paying out up to five times the monthly premium per treatment session. ais insurance

AIS customers are entitled to an exclusive privilege of 200 AIS Points if they purchase Easy Saving 118 between 4 November 2021 and 31 December 2021, when paying a monthly premium of 500 baht plus or an annual premium of 5,000 baht plus. Serenade customers will receive 300 AIS points per policy within 30 working days (subject to conditions). Customers can apply for the service at https://m.ais.co.th/PREasySaving118Nov-Dec.21


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