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Local SIM Card Airport Vending Machines

Avoid Buying Local SIM Cards from Airport Vending Machines

Traveling abroad often involves the need to stay connected, and one of the most common ways to do this is by purchasing a local SIM card. However, it’s important to be aware of where you’re buying these SIM cards from, as not all sources offer the best deals. One such place to avoid is the airport vending machines. In order to save international roaming fees many travelers seek out a local SIM card when traveling abroad and airports / vendors have reacted in offering them from vending machines in the arrivals area if local laws permit. Local SIM Card Airport Vending Machines

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Prices can vary greatly and it often doesn’t even make sense as it’s so expensive that you can just as well use a roaming option.

Anything that’s purchased at the airport almost always has a premium to it due to expenses for the concession the vendor has to pay but also because they want to take advantage of uninformed customers who just arrive and want to just get purchase whatever product out of the way.

On arrival at Las Vegas McCarran Airport, someone noticed a vending machine selling various SIM Card products, with prices reaching as high as US$60 for a 30-day validity period.

Now, cellphone plans have always been rather expensive in North America but $60 is excessive because you can a decent data/voice option for a third of that from AT&T or T-Mobile among other providers as a prepaid option. This requires a trip to the store though and not just the swipe of the credit card in 20 seconds so of course, time is money as well.

In Japan, it’s somewhat more reasonable. We have covered PrePaid Data options in Japan multiple times here on LoyaltyLobby including those that are being sold from vending machines at Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda Airport.

The rates are very reasonable (1900-2100 JPY for 7 days) and exactly the same as those purchased in the city at one of the large electronic shops and other retailers.

So, what’s the alternative?

It’s worth doing some research before you travel. Look for reputable local telecom companies and check out their prepaid SIM card deals. Many companies offer tourist SIM cards with competitive rates and good coverage. You can often order these online and have them delivered to your home before you travel, or pick them up in-store once you arrive.

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Conclusion Local SIM Card Airport Vending Machines

It’s important to have some sort of a feel if a product is highly overpriced or if the offer is reasonable. It doesn’t always make sense to rush to a proper in-town store immediately but then the other question is how urgent does one need a Sim card anyway, is it really necessary to immediately be connected to the internet again right after landing? The alternative is to get a SIM card before your departure.



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