No signal during flight? Capital Airlines just introduced ‘offline payment’ service

A few days ago, Capital Airlines announced that the airline has opened an “offline payment” service in the air, which can enable passengers to successfully complete the scan code payment business without the communication network during the flight. Since then, you can also use your mobile phone to buy things on the plane. airline offline payment

Capital Airlines said: “The service is provided by Alipay to provide technical support, make up for the short board that can only be cashed in the airless environment, provide passengers with more personalized air services, and open a new chapter of air customization services.”

It is reported that Capital Airlines is one of the first aviation companies in China to develop an “offline payment” business. Passengers can use this function in an app developed by Capital Airlines. When traveling by air on Capital Airlines flights, passengers can pay for their favorite movies through “offline payment”, or choose a more comfortable seat position on the flight, and purchase a variety of air in the air hostess commodity. airline offline payment


At present, when passengers choose cheap flights or long-distance international flights, flight attendants will sell snacks or tax-free luxury goods. In the past, passengers could only choose cash transactions, which is “very unfriendly” to Chinese consumers who are increasingly accustomed to online payments and reduce cash carry. To end this, Capital Airlines chose to strengthen cooperation with network technology companies to develop products that meet the current payment habits of Chinese consumers to meet the needs of passengers.

Capital Airlines explained that the “offline payment” function is rooted in the Alipay application. Passengers only need to select the required goods or customized services on the flight, and scan the QR code displayed by the flight attendant with a mobile phone or ipad to complete all transaction processes. , Very convenient and fast.

Although the emergence of this “offline payment” function represents another upgrade of China Mobile’s payment technology, it can even run independently without relying on the communication network provided by the operator, which is an incredible new achievement. But for frequent travelers who are accustomed to enjoying free and high-quality air services, is it really a service they can accept for paying for movies and paying for on-board products?

Perhaps the launch of Capital Airlines’ “offline payment” service represents a new trend in the future development of the air services industry, but it is still necessary to wait and see the feedback of consumers about how this function will respond.airline offline payment


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