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Air Serbia: Your Gateway to Eastern Europe

Air Serbia, the national airline of the Republic of Serbia, has been a leading player in European aviation since its inception in 2013. Rebranded from the former Jat Airways, Air Serbia has made significant strides in revamping its services, routes, and fleet, offering world-class service to passengers across the globe. Eastern Europe Travel

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Air Serbia’s base is at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, which serves as the primary portal between Eastern Europe and the rest of the world. With an extensive network of routes connecting Europe, the Middle East, and North America, the airline provides travelers with easy access to numerous exciting destinations.

Modern Fleet and Comfortable Travel

One of Air Serbia’s main attractions is its modern and diverse fleet. Comprising a mix of narrow-body and wide-body Airbus aircraft, it offers a level of comfort and reliability that passengers can count on. Each plane is well-maintained and fitted with the latest avionics, ensuring both safety and convenience for its passengers.

Air Serbia’s commitment to passenger comfort doesn’t stop at its hardware. Their in-flight services are meticulously designed to provide a pleasurable travel experience. From a variety of inflight entertainment options to delectable meals inspired by Serbian and international cuisine, Air Serbia strives to make every flight memorable.

Extensive Route Network Eastern Europe Travel

With a network that spans Europe, Asia, and North America, Air Serbia connects Serbia to the world, and the world to Serbia. The airline is continuously expanding its routes, including new destinations every year. Whether it’s a business trip to New York, a holiday in Paris, or exploring the Middle East, Air Serbia has you covered.

Air Serbia also operates numerous domestic flights within Serbia, connecting the capital city of Belgrade with other key cities. This allows for easy, convenient travel within the country, further supporting the local tourism industry.

Elevated Travel with the Etihad Partnership

In 2013, Air Serbia entered a strategic partnership with UAE’s national carrier, Etihad Airways. This partnership has allowed Air Serbia to broaden its horizons, both in terms of its route network and its service offerings.

The partnership with Etihad Airways provides passengers with a wider network of flights, facilitating easier connections and more travel options. Moreover, it brings an elevated level of service to Air Serbia’s passengers, incorporating Etihad’s renowned hospitality and service standards.

Elevate Club – Taking Frequent Flying to New Heights

Air Serbia’s frequent flyer program, Elevate Club, offers a host of benefits to its members. Points accrued through the program can be redeemed for flight tickets, seat upgrades, and other amenities. This makes traveling with Air Serbia not just a journey, but an experience that rewards loyalty with exclusive benefits.

In conclusion, Air Serbia isn’t just a carrier; it’s an ambassador that showcases the best of Serbian hospitality and connects the world to the charm and beauty of Eastern Europe.

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