Aiming to become market leader, Claro invests in postpaid and international roaming

After overcoming TIM as the operator with more customers in prepaid plans, Claro is now seeking to win the post-paid audience, aiming to reach Vivo, which leads market share, with 41.1% against 23.2% of Claro, in second place. After the last year of launching the Americas Passport and the Europe Passport, the latest addition to Claro’s Passports is the World.

The Passport Americas included coverage in 18 countries in the Americas and the Passport Europe in 48 European countries.

The World Passport unites their reach and adds 14 African and Asian countries: South Africa, Australia, China, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore and Thailand .


Whoever owns any Claro Passport, besides being able to count on up to five continents of reach , can make and receive calls both to Brazil and to the countries included in the Passport, can send SMS without additional costs and maintains the same Internet franchise. The plan has a minimum extension of one year, costing R $ 239.88 (resulting in R $ 29.99 per month).

The operator continues to sell the other Passports, providing cheaper options for those who will have specific destinations on just one continent.

But the 15GB internet plan has the Americas Passport included within its advantages , in the same way that the 30GB internet plan has the World Passport ; both without additional costs to the plan.

Its competitors, Oi and Vivo have only internet access, with scarce international roaming options, but possibly preferential for short and non-recurring trips. TIM has plans for a month, with more accessible values ​​for so-called Top Destinations (29 of the most common destinations) and the US and Canada. With the internet going from 100MB to 1GB, 30 minutes of calls made or received for both countries, Brazil and the visited, and the values ​​range from R $ 51.90 to R $ 2099.90.

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