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ai scan translator

NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 Pro – An Instant AI scan translator

NEWYES, the Shenzhen-based cutting-edge innovator of office supply and tech products, has launched a Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO project on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. ai scan translator

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The exciting launch marks another company’s product debut on the world stage.

Key Features:

  • Supports 112 languages of text and voice translation.
  • Synchronously transcribes printed text to digital text
  • Reads aloud the text
  • Built-in professional dictionary
  • Support online and offline mode
  • Record conversations or meetings

The NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO is a portable translator pen with a fashionable design. Compared to a traditional paper dictionary, the Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO is super lightweight, and it weighs only 80 grams. Moreover, it’s tiny and can easily fit in a pocket.

There is a hidden micro camera inside the pen (with the lens recognition speed and ability to capture 120 frames per second), which allows it to obtain more than 3000 characters per minute efficiently, and the accuracy is up to 98%. The pen, equipped with a microphone, can directly play audio without additional speakers to play the audio. However, it can connect with Bluetooth earphones if users want to listen to the content privately.

The NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO has reading and text transcription functions. Nowadays, when using traditional scanner pens, it requires a computer or mobile as the assistant. For most reading pens, users need to press physical buttons to control the device, which doesn’t fit for the intelligent life. Yet, NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO has a 2.98-inch clear touch screen for operation so that you can do everything on one device without effort.

The NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO is an all-purpose tool for all ages and groups. This pen supports 112 languages both on text translation and voice translation, so it will help people who struggle with language learning. For example, for a child who wants to read and learn independently, they can flip the pen over the text on the books, and then the pen can read aloud the text and explain the word if required. This little device equips with Oxford English Dictionary, FLTRP dictionary, and NMT(neural machine translation). ai scan translator

It opens up a new possibility for office working and business trading. The NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO can recognize the printed file and transcribe it to digital text. What’s more, the pen can record audio. These two functions can meet your need to register notes in meetings and transfer paper documents to electronic files, which will improve work efficiency. And with this pen, negotiating with foreign clients would be an easy job.

In conclusion, NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO is a major technological breakthrough for:

  • anyone with dyslexia, reading difficulties, or other learning disabilities
  • a reader who reads many books and needs to look up the dictionary from time to time
  • listening to pronunciations or memorizing coursework
  • studying a second language
  • a student who needs to take many notes from books
  • doing international business
  • improving work efficiency
  • instant scanning of text
  • those trying to read but with failing sight

NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 3 PRO Kickstarter campaign starts at 10 am March 30, 2022 (EDT time). The campaign will last for a month, and for the first week, there will be a super early bird price, which is 50% off the retail price. After the campaign ends, it will be back to the regular price.

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