Agoda launches Travel Guides to help people travel easier

Whether travelers are looking for nature or attractions, gastronomy or culture, now with Agoda Travel Guides they can easily research and explore destinations on their mobile or desktop.

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The initial launch includes guides to five popular cities including Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, Osaka, and Paris, with plans to significantly extend the number of travel guides by the end of 2019.

The in-depth Agoda Travel Guides are a veritable goldmine of insider information, featuring insights catered to helping different types of travelers plan their trips.

In the 2019 Usage and Attitude Survey from Agoda, Food & Drink was cited the most popular reason to travel for North Asians (67%) and South East Asians (61%), with Japan, South Korea and Singapore choosing Food & Drink as their leading reason to take a trip. Gourmands will find the Agoda Travel Guides especially handy, whether they are looking for the best restaurant in Seoul, essential must-try Japanese food in Tokyo or family friendly gastronomy in Taipei.

In addition to important basic tourist and airport information for beginners, a wide range of sample itineraries and day trips are included to enable travelers to easily customize their journey. Insights on the best tourist attractions, night life, shopping and food allow travelers to maximize opportunities to achieve their travel goals – whether it is to gain new experiences, learn a new skill or rediscover favorite spots. The Agoda Travel Guides also provide details on the best accommodation choices for different types of travelers including families, solo travelers, large groups and more.

“While travel has never been so easy, what travelers still find difficult is deciding where to go and how to get the lowdown on the destination. Our travel guides are quick and easy to use, accessible on mobile even when you are on the go. There’s information on food and drink but also so much more including cultural landmarks, the best bars, shopping, or if the mood takes you, even the most romantic destinations,” said Adam Fodor, Associate Director, PPC Marketing at Agoda.

For seasoned travelers, insider tips and tricks are featured to help unearth a unique side to different destinations. Also included in the guides are snippets of information on the city’s history, culture and tradition called Agoda Extras to give travelers a flavor of their destination.

Agoda Travel Guides content is currently available in at least 20 languages including Thai, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Content will be translated to more languages and be rolled out progressively through the year as part of Agoda’s mission to make travel more accessible to everyone.

The Agoda Travel Guides can be found here.


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