Poland EU roaming: After Orange, Play and Plus, and T-mobile got permission for roaming charges

The last of the big four Polish operators has received permission to collect additional roaming charges in the European Union

Polish operators T-Mobile, Orange, Play and Plus indicates in recent financial results that the cost of roam like at home is quite significant which was obviously predictable. poland eu roaming

Poles pay very little for telecommunications services compared to other residents of the European Union. In turn, Poland is not a tourist country, so that the revenues from visitors to our country, telecoms, cover the cost of servicing subscribers residing abroad.

The operators have submitted to UKE for consent to roaming subsidies.
At the beginning, telecoms limited the use of roaming by people abusing roaming outside of Poland in accordance with the FUP – fair usage policy. No wonder, since the principle of roam like at home was supposed to concern only occasional travelers.

A separate issue is the additional subsidies for all, and the Office of Electronic Communications requests them not to be viewed positively. Telecoms may already charge additional fees for customers using services outside of Poland.

All the big four have already agreed to the subsidies. As the first, UKE considered the Plus network proposal positively. Soon, Play joined him. This month UKE has issued a positive decision for Orange, and today similar approval has been received by T-Mobile Polska.

It is not known yet whether and how T-Mobile Polska will change the roaming rules after receiving UKE’s consent for additional payments. So far, no other native telecom infrastructure has decided to implement subsidies in full measure.

In the case of Play, they concern new subscribers, and Orange has used them in prepaid offers since 18 June. In turn, the Plus network, which received the first consent, has not introduced them yet. It is limited to additional payments resulting from FUP.

However, it is not known whether the market landscape will change just before this year’s holidays. Thanks to the fact that T-Mobile has received permission for subsidies, operators can now introduce more restrictive rules at the same time. And for a moment, before the Poles start to go on holiday in mass. poland eu roaming


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