Physical SIM cards have been in use for a while. Is it time to move on?

SIM cards. They let us make calls, send texts, and more by connecting our smartphones and phone numbers to a network. However, those little chips have been present for a while and have been getting smaller and smaller as time has gone on. Nowadays, many devices only employ eSIM ‘s or embedded SIM cards. activate esim

These eSIM aren’t quite new, but they are getting more widespread due to the fact that they are present on almost every linked Android smartwatch and that Android phones are increasingly supporting eSIM. A conventional SIM card and an eSIM can actually be supported by a lot of gadgets.

With the iPhone 14, things are starting to alter as eSIM becomes the only available choice for customers in the US. And it looks like a matter of time until other OEMs follow Apple’s lead and begin implementing this adjustment. Do you believe that this is a smart move for smartphone OEMs, though? activate esim

The advantages of eSIM, according to carriers, include quicker activation, easier travel, and the security of not having a physical SIM that may be taken out of your phone in the event that it is ever misplaced. Some users, though, have complained that the technology is more bother than it’s worth.

eSIM grew more than 300% within just 6 months in the US

In the USA for example, telcos offering eSIM grew more than 300% within just six months, whilst across the globe, the number MNOs offering eSIM services increased to around the 260 mark. Emerging markets also showed an uptick in selling eSIM, with many operators leveraging the scalability of cloud platforms to establish a crucial early market foothold for their brand.

The companion device market will continue to grow. According to Counterpoint Research late in 2022, the smartwatch sector showed double-digit growth for five consecutive quarters making it the fastest-growing consumer segment. This boom in cellular-capable devices means that telcos have a bigger opportunity than just the smartphone by harnessing the power of an entitlement server.

Carriers don’t appear to agree on how to handle eSIM on smartphones while dealing with it on smartwatches. There are several various activation and transfer methods, some of which may not be supported by all carriers, as can be shown by taking a quick look at Apple’s support page.

Enabling eSIM benefits activate esim

The transition to eSIM is inevitable. Instead of fighting the trend, MNOs can adopt the technology earlier. This way, they will have mature systems in place by the time the M2M and consumer markets have fully transitioned to eSIM.

To take advantage of the eSIM switch, MNOs must have a reliable and flexible eSIM management platform. Find out all the most eSIM news.


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eSIM appears to be the way that smartphones will operate in the future, what is your current opinion?

Is it wise for phone manufacturers to transition to eSIM-only phones?

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Here are some indicative prepaid eSIM card prices:


Europe (39 countries)

1 GB - 7 days - €4.53

3 GB - 30 days - €12.00

10 GB - 30 days - €33.40airalo

Europe (29 countries)

500 MB - 1 day - €2.00

3 GB - 30 days - €8.00

10 GB - 30 days - €19.00


Europe (36 countries)

1 GB - 7 days - €6.50

3 GB - 15 days - €11.00

10 GB - 30 days - €20.50


Europe (42 countries) 

1 GB - 7 days - €3.73
3 GB - 15 days - €8.45

10 GB - 30 days- €17.40 instabridge logo

Europe (43 countries) 

1 GB - 7 days - €4.70 

5 GB - 30 days - €18.70

10 GB -30 days- €35.40gigsky
eSIM Europe 

Europe (42 countries)

5 GB - 10 days - €11.20

10 GB - 30 days - €22.50

20 GB - 30 days - €33.55 EUsim logo
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