AAA T‑Mobile Wireless Partner

AAA Chooses T‑Mobile as Exclusive Wireless Partner

T-Mobile announced that AAA has selected Un-Carrier to be its exclusive wireless partner to help keep their drivers and members safe when minutes count. Under this long-term agreement, T-Mobile will provide connectivity for AAA-owned roadside assistance fleets nationwide. Additionally, T-Mobile has outfitted thousands of AAA roadside assistance technicians with 5G phones so they can stay connected on the road and beyond. AAA T‑Mobile Wireless Partner

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One of North America’s largest and most trusted membership organizations, AAA serves more than 63 million members and responds to approximately 30 million calls for roadside assistance annually. And moments matter for the safety of tow providers, emergency responders, and travelers who are on the side of today’s busy and congested roads. Every minute a person is stopped on a freeway, the risk of being seriously injured or killed in a secondary crash increases. In fact, according to the Federal Highway Administration, the likelihood of a secondary crash goes up by 2.8 percent for each minute the primary accident continues to be a hazard. So, to help reduce time spent at the side of the road, AAA will rely on the 5G network that covers more US highway miles than any other carrier.

AAA roadside assistance connectivity and management AAA T‑Mobile Wireless Partner

From coast to coast, AAA is equipping thousands of its roadside assistance vehicles with cellular connectivity to put critical tools and information at responders’ fingertips.

  • Connectivity: In-vehicle tablets will give AAA roadside assistance technicians quick and efficient access to important applications and utilities like integrated maps for wayfinding and precise location of members in distress; electronic forms to eliminate the need for paperwork and facilitate timely intake and processing; and voice applications for dispatch and vital communications.
  • T-Mobile IoT + Geotab: To enhance productivity, fleet optimization and safety ― T-Mobile IoT, combined with Geotab fleet telematics solutions, will inform AAA roadside assistance fleet managers with actionable data and reports that offer insights on driver behavior; route optimization and fuel economy and vehicle health, diagnostics and maintenance.

“Our top priority is to keep our members and our roadside assistance providers safe,” said Margaret Pittelkow, Vice President of Automotive for AAA. “To do this, we have to respond to calls for help quickly. It’s why we chose T-Mobile as our exclusive wireless partner. We know that with their fast and reliable 5G network, we can take our service to the next level.” 

“This relationship brings together two marquee brands that are deeply committed to customer satisfaction,” said Callie Field, President, T-Mobile Business Group. “AAA, for their legendary roadside assistance network and unwavering commitment to driver safety, and T-Mobile, renowned for its 5G network and customer experience. This powerful combination is introducing improved experiences that can only be backed by the fastest wireless network and greatest roadside assistance program.”  

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Additionally, as announced last June, T-Mobile customers can get a FREE year of AAA Classic or Basic membership. That means free 24-hour roadside assistance, including towing, flat tire service, battery service, and more for all T-Mobile Magenta, Magenta MAX and eligible small business customers.

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