A1 Telekom Austria Launches Whalebone’s Net Protect at A1 Macedonia

The leading telecommunications operator of the Republic of North Macedonia, a subsidiary of A1 Telekom Austria Group, has followed in the footsteps of other telcos of A1 Telekom Austria Group by enlarging their product portfolio with the zero disruption consumer cybersecurity product A1 Net Protect, based on the technology of the Security-Start Up and Member of A1 Start Up Campus ‘Whalebone’. a1 macedonia whalebone

Whalebone is a cybersecurity provider that prevents malware from communicating and downloading. It protects networks and users against botnets, ransomware, spyware and phishing. Whalebone intervenes regardless of the current “phase of life” of the malicious software: before the download, before the dangerous domain is accessed, but also when the malware is already on the device and tries to communicate with its Command & Control Center.

Whalebone primarily focuses on DNS name resolution at the network level. The whalebone protection thus covers all devices in the network, including those that cannot be secured at all because no suitable app or even an interface is available for its user. Whalebone is therefore also ideally suited to securing smart home gadgets, such as smart thermostats or cameras. The service is updated in real time, so users are protected against the latest threats at all times.

Alejandro Plater, COO of A1 Group.A1 Net Protect powered by Whalebone: With A1 Net Protect we provide a digital security solution that meets the increasing security needs of our customers without installing any software or app in four countries to date. I am happy to announce that A1 North Macedonia joined the list of markets and introduced this innovative service for our customers in North Macedonia. It clearly proves that the digital first approach in developing products and services is a key pillar to delivering new services to all of our customers.

Another important digital touchpoint of the new product of A1 Macedonia is the end-user portal. At A1 Macedonia, it has been deployed multilingually – in Macedonian, Albanian, and English. In the intuitive user interface, subscribers of A1 Net Protect can have a great overview of the threats their devices have faced, set reporting and alerting, individual blacklists and whitelists, or set up content filtering rules.

The collaboration was excellent and the resulting product lives up to the highest standards. Given the importance of A1 Macedonia in the country, the internet in North Macedonia has become a much safer place with this product launch. a1 macedonia whalebone

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