A1 offers a smart Wi-Fi network to its business customers

From this summer all A1 customers can apply for a MasterCard credit card specifically developed for the company's customers

A1 offers a new solution for intelligent Wi-Fi coverage of indoor and outdoor space, which is implemented with Cisco Meraki devices and provides business customers with a wide range of functionalities. The A1 Smart Net service is suitable for any business that wants to provide high-quality internet connectivity to its customers, employees, and partners.

A1 Smart Net is managed extremely easily via an online portal and offers security and network security. The service allows you to create separate networks for employees and customers, and you can set restrictions and bans by type of traffic and time.

With A1 Smart Net, customers can create their home page with a logo and a message that is visible to each user when connected over the Wi-Fi network.

The service makes it possible to monitor and manage the networks in different client sites through a common interface with just a few clicks. Also, the service allows you to generate an e-mail database for everyone using the Wi-Fi network.

A1’s business customers can choose between Smart Net Indoor, which is designed for indoor coverage and Smart Net Outdoor, which is suitable for outdoor spaces. Smart Net Indoor is implemented with a Cisco Meraki MR 20 device and is available with a monthly subscription of BGN 25.90. Smart Net Outdoor is powered by a Cisco Meraki MR 70 device and comes with a monthly subscription of 40.90 leva. The two packages can also be ordered with service management from A1 for 34.90 leva (Smart Net Indoor) and 49.90 Leva (Smart Net Outdoor).

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