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A1 Bulgaria starts carrier billing for Sofia metro tickets

The Sofia metro system is a popular mode of transportation for the citizens of Bulgaria’s capital city. The metro system is modern, reliable and efficient, and provides an affordable way for people to get around the city. Customers of A1 Bulgaria can now buy single tickets for the Sofia metro system over the A1 mobile app or website. Sofia metro tickets a1
The specially designed page will automatically generate a QR code, which in turn can be scanned at the turnstiles at the entrance of each metro station.
The price of the digital ticket from A1 remains BGN 1.60, and the amount is credited to the monthly bill with the telecom. The page and the application also work for subscribers of a prepaid service, in which case the amount is simply deducted from the available balance on the card. And that’s all.
The selected phone will receive a QR code, valid for entry into the subway within 30 minutes from the date of purchase. With each successful purchase, a confirmation SMS is received, with which the customer will find a link to the purchased ticket.
The page where the unique QR code for scanning is generated contains information about the date and time of purchase, as well as when the card was used. In this way, consumers can certify to the controllers of Sofia Municipality that they are good passengers.

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The A1 Bulgaria metro tickets are easy to use and provide a seamless experience for users. The tickets can be purchased through the A1 Bulgaria mobile app or online platform. Once the ticket has been purchased, it can be activated and used immediately. The tickets are also transferable, meaning users can share their tickets with friends or family members.

Another great feature of the A1 Bulgaria metro tickets is that they are highly customizable. Users can choose the type of ticket that best suits their needs, whether it be a single-ride ticket, daily ticket, or monthly ticket. The tickets are also flexible, which means that users can add or remove rides as needed. This makes the A1 Bulgaria metro tickets a great option for people who are traveling to Sofia for a short time, or who are only using the metro occasionally.

In conclusion, the Sofia metro system is an important part of the city’s transportation network and provides a convenient and affordable way for people to get around. The A1 Bulgaria operator provides a convenient and efficient way for people to purchase metro tickets, and their tickets are highly customizable and flexible. Whether you are a frequent user of the metro or just visiting the city, the A1 Bulgaria metro tickets are a great option for getting around Sofia.

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