A1 Bulgaria adds electronic vignettes to Wallet app

The new functionality of the A1 digital wallet makes the purchase of an e-vignette easy and affordable

A1 Wallet is gaining more and more functionality. In addition to payments at a POS terminal, free transfers, loyalty card storage and review of current discounts in the largest retail chains, users of the A1 digital wallet can also purchase an electronic vignette through the application. bulgaria electronic vignettes
Purchasing is an easy process, as A1 Wallet subscribers simply need to find the new “Vignettes” submenu in their application. If they have not used the functionality so far, a message will be displayed stating that there are currently no active vignettes. In the lower right corner is the “Buy” button, where the process begins. You must select the desired category, enter the data of the car and the amount will be automatically deducted from the balance on the account in A1 Wallet .
Perhaps one of the greatest conveniences for users of the application is that they have the ability to keep track of the exact date until which their vignette is valid. As with other e-vignettes, there is no need to store receipts or carry other documents proving the purchase. In the A1 Wallet, however, the reference is a few seconds away.
This is another digital way to buy a vignette offered by A1. Other options include purchase through the site A1.bg, as well as in a telecom store. These options are available to everyone, whether they are users of A1 services or not. Telecom subscribers can also use the My A1 application.
The A1 Wallet digital wallet can be used by everyone, regardless of whether they are A1 customers. The application can be downloaded from the AppStore, Google Play Store, as well as from AppGallery, and the option to purchase an e-vignette is available in all operating systems with which the digital wallet works. bulgaria electronic vignettes

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