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A Dublin man received a €26,000 phone bill from mobile network

Pat O’Donnell (50s) told that following a trip to the US last December, Three sent him the massive roaming bill. phone bill

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“I travel regularly and always use my phone when I’m away, but it has a €50 data cap on it that stops me from going over that amount.

“If you go over the data cap, Three are supposed to send you a text asking if you want to remove the cap and then you have to text back confirming this. I never got or responded to any text from Three about the cap.”

Pat claims that the large roaming bill is a “flaw on their system”.

“I have tried many times to communicate with Three. They offered my a 90 per cent discount, but I’m not even going to pay €2,600 bill. I didn’t use the data and I’m not paying for it. It’s reckless behaviour by Three.”

The Dublin man added that while he is on holidays, he always connects to wi-fi.

“Like everyone does, I pop into a Starbucks or something and get a coffee and check my emails and do whatever I have to do using their wi-fi.”

Pat said that after refusing to pay the roaming bill, his phone was cut off from the network.

“I need my phone for work. The whole thing has caused a nightmare for me and my family. I have been in touch with a solicitor and I will continue to try and sort this out because I’m not paying it.”


In a statement Three Ireland said: phone bill

“Three makes every effort to ensure that customers can manage their roaming charges when abroad. When a customer arrives in a foreign country, we send a roaming “advice of charge” SMS which advises of roaming rates. We also apply a data roaming cap and notify the customer when the cap has been reached. This restricts internet usage so that no further data charges can be incurred, unless the customer removes the cap.


“With regard to high roaming bills, Three deals with these on a case by case basis and will continue to engage reasonably with this customer to reach a resolution.”

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