80GB for €9.99 a month? 3 Italia has it.

The 3 Italia brand of operator Wind Tre has launched a new data plan for new and existing users dubbed Super Internet Express 80 Giga, reports Mondo Mobile Web.


Starting 20 January, 3 Italia customers can sign up to the new plan for EUR 9.99 a month for 80GB of data over 2 months and no activation fee. The plan is initially available until 23 February and customers can re-acquire it under the same conditions after 60 days.

This data package can be used exclusively on the national territory and therefore not roaming within the Union European.
Super Internet Express 80 Giga will not require any activation fee , will not be compatible with other Super Internet offers on residual credit and will provide for non-cumulative thresholds . The customer will have to consider it activated from the moment of the reception of the SMS of happened activation and from that moment will enjoy 80 Giga (to manage independently) with expiration after 60 days.


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