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5g smartphone 5g smartphones prices

5G smartphones for less than €100 and satellite internet anywhere will come true in 2023

The prices of smartphones with 5G will continue to fall and by 2023 options for less than 100 euros should arrive, opening the segment to new users, in a year in which satellite constellations will continue to expand rapidly. 5G smartphones prices

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The increase in inflation and interest rates, the slowdown of some economies and the drop in consumer confidence have forced to readjust strategies in the telecommunications sector, but the expectation is that the sector will remain very dynamic in 2023, defends Deloitte, in the TMT Predictions 2023 study.

One of the advances that promise to mark the year is the arrival of 5G smartphones priced below 100 euros on the market. Another is the massification of broadband satellites, which will make it possible to provide high-speed internet to a large number of users, even in remote areas of the planet.

The Arrival of Affordable 5G Smartphones

With regard to 5G, and the effect of the arrival on the market of equipment priced below 100, in an initial phase, Deloitte does not foresee a significant impact on total smartphone sales. However, the consultant points out that the arrival of these devices creates conditions to bring the majority of consumers, in different markets, to the fifth generation and that this will end up changing the market.

“The potential market, in terms of turnover, is huge, and therefore, the pioneer company in launching a 5G device at an affordable price will benefit both in economic and reputational terms”, also underlines Deloitte.

The potential of 5G in the business area has also been highlighted and this year will continue to materialize. Migrating to 5G independent backbone networks will enable organizations with greater device density and reliability and open the door to more advanced business applications.

On the side of operators, investment in pure 5G networks also tends to increase. Deloitte predicts that the number of telecom operators investing in standalone 5G networks will double by 2023, to 200.

Low Orbit Satellites: Expansion Plans and the Future of High-Speed Internet

Low Orbit Satellites, to provide high-speed internet, will continue to multiply this year, as confirmed by Starlink‘s or  Amazon ‘s expansion plans. Deloitte emphasizes that this expansion will bring new high-speed services to the most remote areas of the planet. The consultant predicts that more than 5,000 broadband satellites will be in low orbit by the end of the year, to bring high-speed internet to nearly one million Internet users worldwide.

In the long term, “ if all the companies that plan to build the so-called LEO constellations are successful, it could mean a total of 40 to 50 thousand satellites, which will serve more than 10 million users”, estimates the consultant. Although controversial, due to their impact on other activities related to space, these infrastructures may boost the creation of new applications, and pave the way for lower prices, greater coverage and reliability and, consequently, lower latency.

This year will naturally be marked by a very challenging world macroeconomic context, but it is expected that the telecommunications market will act in a countercyclical fashion and even grow”, defends Pedro Tavares, Partner and Leader of the Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry of the consultancy.

“However, the sector must take into account the current needs of consumers and look for technological solutions that, on the one hand, offer the best cost-benefit ratio and, on the other hand, take into account concerns about the future of our planet ”, he adds. 5G smartphones prices

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