SK Telecom, Swisscom, Elisa announce 5G roaming agreement

According to the companies, SK Telecom and Swisscom have a mutual 5G roaming agreement.

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5G refers to the fifth generation of mobile networks and promises cell phone users incredibly fast browsing experiences. It will also impact other markets, including the autonomous vehicle sector, through its ability to process reams of information and data simultaneously and quickly.

Prior to today’s announcement on 5G, the companies worked together on a roaming partnership in 2013.

Swisscom also has an arrangement in place with Finnish operator Elisa to allow Swisscom users visiting Finland to roam onto Elisa’s 5G network.

The service in Finland —  — will be available from Wednesday, July 17, while the one in South Korea will be activated before the end of this month.

Swisscom, using network kit from Ericsson, launched 5G services in mid-April with coverage in around 110 cities and village, including Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne and Lucerne. SK Telecom launched commercial services on April 3 and has some 34,000 5G base stations deployed in 85 cities. Elisa has 5G networks up and running in Turku, Tampere and Jyväskylä, and is testing a network in Helsinki.

In terms of pricing, Elisa is the only operator of the trio that detailed how much 5G roaming will cost. The company said 1 GB of data from Swisscom’s network will cost 19,90€.

SKT’s Han Myung-Jin, VP and head of MNO Business Supporting Group, said the company “will continuously expand our 5G roaming service to enhance customer experience and benefits.” The company is planning a software upgrade for the LG V50 to support 5G roaming.

An Swisscom executive also said in a statement the company intends to strike more roaming agreements.

Vodafone has also demonstrated 5G roaming with Ericsson, using a virtualized core network covering its networks in Spain and Portugal.

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