75% of Finnish firms already use 5G subscriptions or plan to do so soon, Elisa reports

Finnish company Elisa said a survey it commission from Priori Konsultointi found that 86 percent of businesses and organisations in Finland are at least somewhat familiar with 5G technology and the opportunities that it offers. 5g finland

Key survey results:

  • The faster connections provided by 5G for mobile and office use, as well as the improvement of network reliability, are considered to be the main benefits of 5G.
  • Investments in 5G technology are growing steadily every year in Finnish companies and organizations.
  • Large companies are clearly at the forefront of thinking about how to apply 5G to things like automation, process development, and remote control, to which 5G brings a whole new dimension.
  • SMEs are quick to deploy 5G subscriptions and devices for both office and staff use. For example, half of companies and organizations employing less than 250 people have considered including 5G phones in the phone range from which staff selects employee phones.

A clear majority of respondents (86%) say they are at least somewhat familiar with 5G technology and what it makes possible for companies technically. Faster connections and improved network reliability are considered to be the most important benefits of 5G in Finnish companies and organizations.

One third (34%) of all respondents rated 5G as important for developing their own business. The share is clearly higher in the public sector (49%) than in the private sector (29%). Of the companies that employ more than a thousand people, 23% have already developed services that utilize 5G or plan to develop them within the next year.

Large companies are taking advantage of several new technologies at the same time. They are clearly the first to think about how to apply the use of 5G in combination with other technologies to their business. Such applications may include, for example, automation, process development and remote control. 5G brings completely new dimensions to these in the form of various 5G services and solutions, which we at Elisa are constantly developing in cooperation with various parties. The implementations can be seen in the Elisa 5G Showroom, for example, where we organize many virtual tours that have been praised by our corporate customers, says Petteri Svensson , Elisa’s Business Director .

Small businesses, on the other hand, are faster than large companies to deploy 5G subscriptions and devices for both mobile and office use. In this way, they have access to even faster telecommunication connections.

Investments in 5G technology will continue to grow steadily 5g finland

Investments in 5G are growing steadily every year in Finnish companies and organizations: the same annual growth of about 50 percent compared to the previous year in the period 2018–2020 is a clear trend.

Development and growth on many fronts is steady, and we only expect it to grow further. Elisa’s comprehensive 5G network is already available to more than 1.6 million Finns, and a huge number of companies also operate in the same area. Regarding the steady growth of investments in 5G technology, it can be said that the new generation of mobile data is also being introduced at a good pace in Finnish companies, Svensson states.

5G subscriptions and phones are becoming more common in the use of corporate employees

75% of respondents have already switched or plan to switch to using 5G subscriptions within a few years at the latest.

41% of respondents to the survey say that the companies they represent have considered including 5G phones in the range from which staff selects employee phones. In companies with less than 250 employees, the same phenomenon is even more common: almost half (48%).

Over the past year, the prices of 5G phones have dropped and many low-cost 5G phone models have gone on sale. Indeed, more than half of the representatives of the companies that responded to the survey estimate the price range of the cheapest 5G phone at 300-500 euros, but 34% estimate the price of the cheapest 5G phone at 600-800 euros.

Fortunately, the spread of 5G is already at such a good pace that there are also numerous 5G phones available in Finland for well under 500 euros, which allow you to use a high-speed 5G network with a 5G subscription. Loyal users of Apple smartphones will also soon have access to an iPhone that supports 5G. The prices of 5G routers have also developed in an even cheaper direction. For many, price is an important criterion in making a purchase decision, which is understandable, Svensson says.

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