5G Device Ecosystem: The number of 5G terminals released worldwide has reached 100

In the first half of 2019, the number of announced 5G devices grew rapidly, starting with a few announcements and then gathering pace as operators in various parts of the world launched their first commercial 5G services.

We can expect the device ecosystem to continue to grow quickly and GSA will be tracking and reporting regularly on 5G device launch announcements. Its GAMBoD database will contain key details about device form factors, features and support for spectrum bands. Summary statistics are released in this regular publication.

By the first week of August, GSA had identified: Thirteen announced form factors (phones, hotspots, indoor CPE, outdoor CPE, laptops, modules, snap-on dongles/adapters, enterprise routers, IoT routers, drones, a switch, a USB terminal and robot).

Forty-one vendors that had announced available or forthcoming 5G devices, including sub-brands separately (plus four in partnership with Sunsea).
One hundred announced devices, up from 90 at the end of June (excluding regional variants, re-badged devices, phones that can be upgraded using a separate adapter, and prototypes not expected to be commercialised):

• 26 phones (plus regional variants); at least nine of which are now commercially available
• eight hotspots (plus regional variants); at least three of which are now commercially available
• 26 CPE devices (indoor and outdoor, including two Verizon-spec compliant devices) at least eight of which are now believed to be commercially available
• 28 modules
• two snap-on dongles/adapters
• two routers,
• two IoT routers
• two drones
• one laptop
• one switch
• one USB terminal
• one robot.

5G chipsets announced within devices from four vendors – Huawei, Mediatek, Qualcomm and Samsung. Other vendors have chipsets planned but they are not known to be included in any announced devices.

GSA President Joe Barrett said that the pace of 5G development is continuing to accelerate. “More importantly, there is no sign of any weakening in the industry. This month, the industry has achieved a milestone of publicly releasing 100 Gigabit terminal devices. We expect that by the end of this year, the number of 5G terminal devices of various sizes will reach 150. Terminals, networks and services are moving in tandem.”

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Not all devices are available immediately and specification details remain limited for some devices. (Source: GSA)

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