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Vodafone Deutschland and univerisity hospital build Europe’s first 5G clinic

It will use Vodafone’s recently launched RedBox, described as a 5g network in a box, which is the core of the operator’s private enterprise offering for campus networks. More about first  5G clinic in Europe below.

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There are indoor and outdoor versions that can provide coverage in multi-building complexes using a public-private network approach, where the campus owners have their own frequencies at speeds up to 3.7Gbps.

Big benefits 5g clinic europe

The Düsseldorf RedBox include small 5G antennas and real-time data centres (MEC) enable data exchange in real time. The partners believe their cooperation will help to save lives as “patches become digital protectors at the bedside”.

The idea is that the best experts in their field virtually attend and assist in the operating theatre using to mixed reality technology.

The campus network is being built in ZOM II, the most modern building of the university clinic.

In the coming year, more than 100,000 patients will benefit from 5G. The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia wants to promote the project that Vodafone and the University Clinic Düsseldorf are launching together with technology partners.

5G can save lives,” said Vodafone Germany’s CEO, Hannes Ametsreiter. “Our economy needs 5G. We bring 5G – for every branch. Also and especially for our healthcare system. A real 5G innovation made in NRW is now emerging in Düsseldorf. The first 5G clinic in Europe.” 5g clinic europe

The technology in the product: The RedBox brings a complete 5G network

With ‘Vodafone Business Campus Private’, Vodafone 5G will bring its industry partners quickly and with tailored price models this year. Medium-sized companies and large corporations can put their campus network together modularly from a kind of modular system. The technical heart of all campus networks is the Vodafone RedBox, which the digitization company is introducing with a model for the first time today. The red box connects the 5G campus network with the local IT infrastructure of companies and with the Vodafone core network. Fixed real-time data centers process sensitive data directly on site so that they no longer leave the company premises. Small 5G antennas bring fast networks to every corner of a factory floor. The number and orientation of the antennas varies depending on the size of the location. Vodafone developed the model together with Ericsson. “The red box shows the level of innovation that companies like Vodafone and Ericsson can develop together,” says Jan-Peter Meyer-Kahlen, Head of Ericsson Eurolab. “We have bundled the technical know-how of Vodafone and Ericsson in a powerful and reliable 5G networking solution for Industry 4.0.”

The service for the product: Independent control with professional maintenance

Service packages are an integral part of the campus networks. Vodafone technology experts ensure 5G operation around the clock and continuously modernize the local network infrastructure with new technology. “A network is never finished. If companies build a local network today, there will be updates tomorrow that will make the network even better. We always keep our partners at 5G up to date, ”says Vodafone technology chief Gerhard Mack. This does not restrict the independent control of the networks: industrial groups can control the 5G campus networks independently via a management interface and connect new sensors, machines or robots to the local network at any time. 5g clinic europe

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